Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rose flavored Ragi malt

Health conscious foods are deceptive. They taste and look bland.
One of those is Ragi malt which has a bland taste. Not everybody likes it.
Am one of those lots.
Food Garnishing and flavoring has visual impact and sensory impression on the food we eat.

I adopted one of my friend's recipe which tempts taste buds through rose flavoring.

Ragi beans - 200gms
rose essence - 10ml

Preparing Rose flavored Ragi Powder.
Grind the ragi beans in to smooth powder.
Add 10ml rose essence to ragi flour and mix well.
Dry it for a day under sun shade and store it in a dry jar.

Making ragi malt.

Mix Ragi powder to a glass of cold milk or water.
Bring glass of milk to a boil and mix cold milk and stirr continuously.
Continue stirring for no lumps until thick and soupy.
Add 2 tablespoon of sugar or honey to enhance taste.

Instant Tit Bit:
Add 2 drops of rose essence to prepared ragi malt soup for an instant kick mix.
Healthy Tit bit:
Instead of sugar try 2 spoons Date Syrup.

If you do have any tempting ragi recipes, i will be happy to share it on my blog.



Thats a very nice idea! Sounds great!


Wow,sounds very interesting,Should try sometime!

Jay said...

Hy Animisha,
chanced upon your space while blog your space..
interesting posts with nice presentation..
ragi malt sounds hearty & irresistable..
happy following you..;)
do stop by mine sometime..
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