Saturday, February 6, 2010

Moisturing Hand waxing home made recipe

Waxing makes your hands and legs very dry.
And it would be worse when you have a very dry skin.
Problam in Us in the north east and south east is "Cold weather"
It not only makes the skin dry but also makes you lazy to walk thru the beauty parlor door  in freezing and snow filled roads.
I have tried many wax brands.
Sally hansen
Nair are some.
I feel sally hansen is not effective for a coarse hair.
It leaves small wax patches.
Brazilian wax or bees wax is anotherone which is effective on coarse hair.
But i had severe rash using it.
I make my own wax recipe at home for my dry skin to keep my silky dry skin moist.
This is very effective.
1 cup sugar
1 cup honey
On a stove, heat the honey and sugar mixture on low heat till it boils till rim and switch off the stove.
You need not add Lemon or vinegar to this recipe to De-crystallize it when the recipe comes to a complete boil.
Do not over boil it else it caramelizes once it reaches desired warmth.
This perfect preperation will make the wax crystalize when it comes to room temperature.
Honey in this recipe not only removes Tan effectively but also leaves the hands moist.

Tips for a better wax:

1. Do not use any type of cream over the treatment area before wax.
2. Do not wax as soon as you have a bath. Wait atleast 3 hours.
3. Apply anti persparant powder if possible.
4. Wash with cold tap water.
5. If you have a oily skin, apply astrigent. This is not only an antiseptic but also helps manage oily skin.
6. If you have a dry skin, either apply moisturizer or body butter.
7. Do not apply soap for 6 hours.

Health Fact on hair growth:

Raise in sugar levels increases the realese of estrogen hormones.
Estrogen increases hair growth. Ex: If you use sugar tablets, you loose hair a lot and a reduction in hair growth.
Maintaining low carb helps you manage your hormone levels and hair growth.


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